This story of survivors takes place 72hrs after the initial outbreak, the country of Chernarus was a peaceful place. Many of its residents enjoyed an easy lifestyle, as the country was a prime tourist designation. It was a perfect setup for them for numerous decades following the fall of the Soviet Union, but that would soon change.


 It was in the mid 1990s, when the United States took a keen interest in Chernarus. With it being a prime tourist destination, it was also the perfect spot for the US Military to set-up bases at. It took some years, but the people of Chernarus accepted it, as having American soldiers in the country would just mean an increase in revenue. It was a win win for both sides, but the US didn't tell the Chernarus government everything. For years at Tisy military, the US Government, in conjunction with the Therro Foundation had been developing a revolutionary new bio weapon. They had been testing the weapon out for several months, using the homeless of the region as their test subjects. It was almost time to wrap up the experiments, and execute those left to be tested, but a guard hadn't been paying attention, and one of the test subjects lunged forward and started the initial infection.  From there it went all down hill, those native Cherarussians at the base fled home, some having been infected themselves but not having realised it, and some of the test subjects fleeing into the nearby towns.


It only took seventy two hours for the country to go black, the infected swarmed the largest cities, towns and military bases. The Chernarus Military and the US Military had no time to prepare for it. They tried in vain, but every attempt was futile. As soon as someone 'died', they were back up and ravenously attacking anyone not infected. What was left of the military retreated to the US Navy fleet docked in Chernogorsk, but it didn't take long for the undead to take over the fleet. This virus couldn't be contained, it would soon reach the cruise liners that dotted the shores, and the various other ships trying to flee. But all that did, was carry the virus worldwide.


Soon the whole world will go dark, and it will be ruled by the dead. This story, the story of you survivors. It takes place right within that first seventy two hours, most of you would've likely been on those cruise ships, or freighters. Some of you might have just been average citizens in the country, and those less fortunate, well you might have been one of those soldiers trying in vain to protect humanity.


Either way, you're stuck in this country, no outside help as you know it is coming. The world is going dark, and all that is left is your humanity, the choices you make, and how much you value your life...

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